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AyudhSEO is full of determined and passionate people who feel excited when it comes to powering up small to medium-sized firms by doing exemplary work in each & every aspect of digital marketing.

Having multiple years of industry expertise and a team of skilled and experienced professionals, AyudhSEO emerges as your most sought-after digital marketing agency. We endeavor to go beyond the ordinary and deliver results that promise total client satisfaction and unmatched results. Over the years, we have been serving a number of clients across the globe. We serve countries like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and India.

We carry a deep passion for creativity which clearly reflects in the way we handle projects. We start by understanding our client’s business in detail and carve out a customized strategy to set things in order right from the beginning. Be it designing a new website or revamping an older one, amplify the digital footprint of your brand, or driving success to your social media platforms, we strive to be the unmatched level of creativity and performance in each & every aspect of web experience.

Call us a digital marketing agency or SEO specialist company, our motto is clear – to bring unmatched exposure to your business offerings in today’s competitive marketplace. 

Our Services

Be it revamping your existing digital strategy or launch a fresh campaign from the scratch, Ayudh SEO has all the necessary tools and expertise that are required to ensure the very best of results across all aspects of your digital roadmap. Our high level of professionals and wide range of digital services enable our clients to strengthen their digital footprints like nothing else.

Our Case Study

Website :
Ranking –
S.No Keywords Initial Ranking Now
1 Shade Pendants Brampton Not in 100 2
2 Foyer Lighting Brampton Not in 100 1
3 Brampton lighting stores  Not in 100 4
4 lighting store in Brampton Not in 100 4
5 Lighting store near Brampton Not in 100 4
Website :
Ranking –
S.No Keywords Initial Ranking Now
1 pharmacy training courses uk Not in 100 2
2 pharmacy technician training course Not in 100 4
3 accuracy checking technician Not in 100 6
4 understanding health improvement Not in 100 6
5 Pharmacy Training UK Not in 100 9

What Makes Us Different

No matter what kind of digital support you are looking for, AyudhSEO is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers a variety of services including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management (SMO), Online Reputation Management (ORM), Website Design, Website Development, Content Writing, Local SEO, and others. This helps our clients to get all the inter-related digital services under one roof. Our 360⁰ approach to digital services helps us delivering all-inclusive support to our clients.

At AyudhSEO, we strongly believe in open and genuine associations with all our global clients. We deliver timely updates with the same level of attention given to the motives behind your biggest achievements as well as any domains that have scope for improvement. You’ll understand precisely what we’re utilizing your manhours on and where your money is being used – as we know, for a small business, it matters a lot.

A majority of digital marketing agencies will agree that they are obsessed with trends. But trends are known to be of value if they are pertinent. At AyudhSEO, as we are your digital marketing partner and we’re capitalized, we are fanatical with your venture. We’re driven by performance, customized campaigns, and innovative ideas consequently. So, if it’s in your best medium to move up a gear to leverage important dates or endeavor onto a fresh platform, we’re equipped to maneuver and execute the same.

Though we are a top digital marketing agency, our priority is always your business’s expansion and accomplishments. That’s why we don’t believe in counting on our glories. You’ll be allotted a devoted account manager, hand-picked by our skilled professionals based on your project needs. They will be the pouring energy maneuvering and powering up your campaigns on a daily, weekly, to monthly basis.

Being affordable is purely comparative, and digital marketing agency charges can leverage all the value for a small or mid-sized business. Whatever resources you’re associating with, our experts are able to make your time, resources, and money works in your favor, averting unexploited ad expenses and counseling on the most effective, competent sales channels. At the same time, we work hard for you, our hands-on attitude delivering what you need without costing a fortune.

Our Core Values



Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about digital marketing.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is the process of improving content and web pages to rank higher on search engine results pages. Search engines have algorithms that determine which web pages have the most relevant results, and these pages rank highest in search results. Using SEO tactics like keywords, meta descriptions, and links, search engine algorithms will highlight your content as relevant information and ultimately rank it higher.

What is Local SEO?

As it sounds, local SEO involves optimizing your website for location-based search. It’s helpful to talk about things that are going on in the community, make sure all your maps are up to date, and get involved on social media to improve your local SEO.

What’s the difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is everything you do on your website: content, backend optimization, metatags, etc. Off-page SEO is less controllable. Off-page SEO is what happens outside of your website and relates directly to it. There are several factors to consider, including domain authority, backlinks, and others.

How do SEOs choose keywords?

SEO professionals use a variety of tools to select keywords. Some of the most common are Google Search Console, Ahrefs, Moz, and Ubersuggest. We can also use custom suggestions for what a customer wants to classify.

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